About Anne Muller

Stories. I have been many things in what is already a long life – a painter, an actor, a director, a dancer, a choreographer, a ballet teacher, a sculptor – and, in one way or another, they have all had to do with the telling of people's stories.

These apparently disparate but actually connected careers have led me finally to photography and specifically documentary project photography which, to my way of thinking, is an exceptionally enduring way of telling stories.

Highly energized but otherwise hidden stories have taken me to back streets in Hoboken, New Jersey, dumps in Tijuana, Mexico, trailer parks in Imperial Valley, California and frayed dwellings in Havana, Cuba. I have slept on floors in Kyrgyzstan, hovered over rodeo chutes in Wyoming and traveled by long boat in Laos. I have made house calls with a country doctor and traveled by dog sled with school children. In a solemn Good Friday processional and in a defiant Cesar Chavez birthday march, on front porches, in kitchens and by bedsides I have sought and repeatedly found a strong and persistent desire in others to have their stories told.

Although it is a hackneyed phrase, it is also true that one picture is worth a thousand words. It is a great privilege to be able to step into stories and, through photography, let them be known. To do so is part of my fiber, my soul. It could be said this is my calling.

Photo by David Swift


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